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Lucia Martinez: SHC Wellness Center

Wellness Center Hosts Eating Disorder Awareness Event

On Friday, February 28, the Wellness Center held an Eating Disorder Awareness event during common hour, aligning with National Eating Disorder Week (February 23-29). Director of Counseling Shivani Bhakta and Counselor Megan Turner organized the ev...


Kristyn Russell Accepts New CSI Position

Over Christmas break, students were emailed about a new person in the Director of Center of Student Involvements chair.  Kristyn Russell is a well known staff member who has transitioned from the Foley Center to Center of Student Involvement. She...


The Hidden Gem of Spring Hill: Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper, a communications officer for the Spring Hill Police Department, wentfrom working with prisoners for 27 years to working with students here on campus. ‘Mrs. Brenda,’ as most of the student call her, changed her life around when she ...


New Grant Boosts On-Campus Mental Health Resources

The Alabama Department of Public Health awarded Psychology professors Dr. JamieO’Bryant and Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio a one-year $10,000 grant towards mental healthawareness, suicide prevention and LGBTQ+ support. Together, Dr. O’Bryant and Dr. Fr...


SHC Promotes Student Internships

What is every college student expected to do before they graduate? One would normally answer ‘make Dean’s List’ or ‘set a school record’ or even ‘leave a new club as my legacy on campus’. However, none of these are expected of students. Every coll...