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Spring Hill Students Enjoy Halloween

: Students at the Halloween Costume Mixer.
Students at the Halloween Costume Mixer.

Whether badgers want to dress up as their favorite characters, go from place to place to get some candy, or just sit back and watch some horror films, Halloween is a popular time for students, kids and adults to enjoy a spooky atmosphere.

On this Friday on October 30, SGA held an outdoor movie at Rydex where they played Halloweentown. CPB held a costume party mixer at McKinney’s on Tuesday night. Even outside of the events, the café has created some horror-themed treats for the students to enjoy.

“Celebrating Halloween just for like one little bit of time and dressing up like I have makes working through a pandemic a little bit easier.” Senior Jordyn Long said wearing her costume.

“I think it is just important to get people together, so we don’t have being in your dorm room during the entire time,” Junior Laura Williamson said with her costume and mask. 

"It’s like a day where you can let loose, dress up as your favorite superhero or villain or princess or like a ghost.” Sophomore Maddie Braham said. “Or a Pokémon!” shouted Alanis Coburn, a sophomore wearing a Pikachu costume. “Or a Pokémon!” Maddie repeated laughing with Alanis.

“Honestly, with us being in college, it is time to just kind of wind down,” junior Caleb Lyght said. “So, that’s what I see Halloween as.”

Despite the COVID regulations and the workload that they face in their classes, students have still found a way to enjoy the spooky holiday with their friends. I am Jared Jacoby from Spring Hill Now, hang in there badgers. We’re almost there.

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