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Kelly Dolph: St. Joseph's Chapel

Campus Update: Good News

With all of the constant negativity around the world with the current crisis, SHC and others have stepped up to report some positive news. Actor John Krasinski began hosting his own at-home web series called “Some Good News” which first began on M...


Students React to the Cancellations of Popular Festivals

As of Apr. ninth COVID-19’s death toll reaches 89,000 worldwide, and music fansand concert goers are understanding of preemptive cancelations and safety measures,but are confused about the future of their investments. “It makes sense, it just rea...


Spring Hill Students Transition to Online Instruction

As Spring Hill College students begin their transition from campus life to online learning, they face many changes in their daily lives that result in mixed emotions.  Spring Hill College began online courses at the end of March to cover the rema...


Wellness Center Hosts Eating Disorder Awareness Event

On Friday, February 28, the Wellness Center held an Eating Disorder Awareness event during common hour, aligning with National Eating Disorder Week (February 23-29). Director of Counseling Shivani Bhakta and Counselor Megan Turner organized the ev...


Kristyn Russell Accepts New CSI Position

Over Christmas break, students were emailed about a new person in the Director of Center of Student Involvements chair.  Kristyn Russell is a well known staff member who has transitioned from the Foley Center to Center of Student Involvement. She...