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TKE and Tri Delta Pair to Raise Money

: Tri Delta Members Participate in Challenge
Tri Delta Members Participate in Challenge

Tri Delta and TKE raised money last week for their philanthropy St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

From Monday October 26,  2020 to Friday October 30, 2020 Tri Delta and TKE paired up to complete challenges for St. Jude to raise money for the families who are in need. This week is something that had just recently started for these two organizations. BessMorgan said that she thinks “this was a successful event and that it seemed people had fun.” 

Throughout the week, teams were supposed to start raising money and competing with one another to try and be first place.

When a certain amount of money had been raised Tri Delta and TKE members did all sorts of challenges throughout the week. A few of the challenges that people participated in were the hot pepper challenge, shaving their hair, and the hot sauce challenge. Colette Conners who competed in the hot pepper challenge said, “I am happy that I was able to complete this challenge because it was for St. Jude, but the pepper was extremely hot….My mouth and eyes were watering for a while after the challenge was over.” 

On Friday an event was held on Rydex where anyone could come participate. There were tables socially distanced around Rydex and people could come and pay to pie or egg any TKE or Tri Delta member of their choice. BessMorgan commented on the money raised, “I think we raised around $80 or so the hour that we were out there”. The final winners of this event were a team composed of freshman girls. Around $4,000 was raised in total for this event and all the proceeds will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

For more information about donating to St. Jude please visit

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