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Badger Fest Coming to SHC on Nov. 20


Badger Fest Coming to SHC on Nov. 20.

The Campus Programming Board and the Office of Student Affairs are bringing a live music and food festival to the Spring Hill campus on Friday, Nov. 20.

Badger Fest was held annually on the campus until it faded from the landscape in 2016. This year, it will feature at least two live bands, food trucks, a patio party by Aramark, and various activities sponsored by different clubs and organizations, said Kristyn Russell, director of the Center for Student Involvement at SHC. “Our hope is to bring back the traditional festival style event to campus which we have not had in quite a while,” she said, comparing it to a miniature version of the iconic New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

The outdoor festival has been traditionally held on Rydex Commons, but it will be held over several locations this year, with the Avenue of the Oaks being the main hub, said Alexis Williams, vice president of CPB. The event is expected to start at 3 with live music from 3 to 7 p.m., she added.

“I believe the main reason we brought this back was tradition,” Williams said. “Sometimes at SHC you go into the archive and find these amazing things that they used to do at SHC. Badger Fest is a way for students to connect and enjoy outside.”

This event comes at a time when many of the students have experienced nearly a full semester of social distancing.

“The freshmen haven't been able to connect with upperclassmen as much,” Williams said.”So let's have this event that is safe and outside. As we know COVID-19 violations are still prevalent, we have many regulations about this event. It is outside, as I mentioned, masks are required, 6 feet at eating tables, etc. We are sticking with Spring Hill’s COVID-19 regulations. Also, our numbers have been low on campus, so I trust our community to follow the rules.”

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