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: Students at the Halloween Costume Mixer.

Spring Hill Students Enjoy Halloween

Whether badgers want to dress up as their favorite characters, go from place to place to get some candy, or just sit back and watch some horror films, Halloween is a popular time for students, kids and adults to enjoy a spooky atmosphere. On this...


Among Us Grows on College Campuses

In the midst of a global pandemic, people are finding new ways to stay connected, even if they have to deceive, blame, or take out their friends online to do it.  A recent surge of nearly 85 million people have taken to their phones, laptops and ...


An Empty Auditorium

There are no plans to reopen the Arlene Mitchell Theater at SHC this semester. As the COVID-19 pandemic changed the services in and around Spring Hill College, there will not be a play or production at Arlene Mitchell Theater this semester. Buil...


Badger Expo Takes on New Format

During the first three Fridays of October, the Center for Student Involvement will put on Badger Expo. On October 2nd, 9th and 16th, Badger Expo, Spring Hill College’s student club and organization fair, will be hosted  in-person and socially dis...


Student Makes Effort to Live Sustainably

  In late September, Metronome changed their Union Square time clock to something less traditional.  They decided on something more eco-conscious that would count down the time we have left before something detrimental happens to the earth. The ...