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: Emma Carroll, Chris Miramontes, John Pizzollo and Katie Hendler attend Spring Fling

SHC Business Club Holds Second Annual Spring Fling

The business club held its second annual spring fling on Rydex commons on Thursday, March 28. The business club began hosting this campus-wide event last year. The 2018 spring fling was a success and the club brought back the event again this yea...


Men of Color Council Conducts a Capture the Flag Game

The Spring Hill College Men of Color Council hosted its first capture-the-flag game on March. 29, giving students a chance to unleash their competitive side. Attendees were given vibrant glow sticks, split into two teams and began at a secret loc...


Engaging Equity on The Hill

  A student’s YouTube video about her experience with discrimination on campus has sparked a series of discussions about inclusiveness on campus.  Students and faculty have been sharing their experiences and discussing solutions on how to prevent...


Catalina's 10th Year of Sun Dresses & Suits

The weekend of Airbnb bookings, air mattresses, and filling the campus with familiar and unfamiliar faces happened this past weekend. Outfits are picked out in advance for that time of year again: the annual Catalina Wine Mixer. This past Saturda...


Buck of the Irish

Senior Emily Buck is preparing to move to Belfast, Ireland after graduation this summer to join her long-time boyfriend, Spring Hill Alumnus Mick Abram. Abram is native to Northern Ireland, where he moved back to post graduation. Buck has visited ...