Stalking is Not Romantic

The Spring Hill College Department of Public Safety (DPS) releases an annual security report documenting the amount of offenses its students commit. The report contains descriptions and laws of each offense by publishing the laws made by both the ...


SHC Updating Elevator Inspections

If you have been in an elevator on campus recently, you may have noticed one precarious detail. It appears all of the Certificates of Operations are expired.  Many elevators surveyed certificates’ expired on July 5th, 2018, with some expiring even...


Badgers Hosting ESPN This Saturday

This has been a school year of firsts for Spring Hill College athletics, and it continues Saturday night when national sports broadcasting network ESPN comes to campus to broadcast two college basketball games. Action will be streamed live on ESP...


TKE Bounces Back after Bid Day

16 new members ran out to Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity during bid day, doubling the size of their chapter on Jan. 19 at Byrne Memorial Hall. Prior to this recruitment season, TKE had 17 active members, making them the smallest fraternity on campu...


O'Leary Hall Closed For Repairs

O’Leary Residence Hall has been closed this semester due to maintenance needs. The dorm housed 39 residents who have since been moved to New Hall and Skip’s Place. Kevin Abel, Vice President of Student Affairs, made the announcement in person on N...