: Fallen tree next to Stewart Field

Hurricane Sally Rips Up The Hill

Hurricane Sally swept through Spring Hill’s campus causing multiple problems for the hill last Wednesday night. The Category 2 hurricane struck the campus between Tuesday night and lasted until Wednesday morning. According to Student Affairs, the...


Students Struggle with Odd Year

With the semester already 6 weeks in progress, students and faculty members are figuring out ways to deal with the start-stop dilemma with classes and assignments, and how to finish out the semester strong. Students and faculty are having to adju...


SHC to begin random COVID-19 testing

  Spring Hill President, Dr. Joe Lee, announced last week that the college will begin implementing randomized COVID-19 testing in September. Officials hope to encourage students to take the virus more seriously. Vice president of student affair...


SHC Teachers Remain Positive About Online Education

Professors at Spring Hill College are “much more comfortable with online learning than they were six months ago”, according to Spring Hill College President Joseph Lee.  Both professors’ and students’ daily routines of teaching and attending phys...


Students Experience Spike in COVID-19 Cases

  Spring Hill’s campus reports 56 active cases and 87 students in isolation after being on campus for less than a month.  Spring Hill’s rise in cases show that students are having a difficult time adjusting to Spring Hill’s new health and safety...