: President Luly Tunon, and Vice President, Ashley Burroughs

Spring Hill College SGA Inauguration

The Presidential Party for the 2022-2023 Student Government Association (SGA) was inaugurated on April 6 in Stewartfield house.  The SGA is Spring Hill College’s student leaders that pledge themselves to provide services that promote harmony in t...


Cadet Ard Receives You Can Fly Scholarship

Spring Hill College student receives scholarship from the Air Force to get flight hours in Mobile. The U.S. Air Force is offering Air Force ROTC cadets the opportunity to earn flight hours at no cost to them. Spring Hill College student and Air F...


Familiar Faces Return to Counseling Services Center

After serving in a limited capacity during COVID, the SHC “Wellness Center” has reopened under the name Counseling Services Center, with two former interns, Chiara Johnson and Madison Heflin, now working as counselors. The Counseling Services Cen...


Battle of On-Campus Apartments: Fairways vs. Portier

On Spring Hill’s campus, there are two apartment complexes: The Fairways and Portier Place. Both apartments offer amenities such as a kitchen, large living rooms, and plenty of space to host guests, but the burning question is which apartment comp...


SHC Announces Upcoming Changes to Core Curriculum

A reduction in core curricula and a newly-created introduction class are two changes that will impact many Spring Hill students beginning this fall.   Spring Hill’s Curriculum Development Committee announced changes will be made to the amount of ...