Conner Moore: Marnie and John Burke Memorial Library

New Library Hours for Fall 2020

  This school year is moving very quickly, and one thing that lingers in people's minds is the library hours and how it is affecting students here on campus.  The library has always been a quiet place for students to go and get work done. B...


Trash on Campus

Spring Hill College prides themselves on appearance, but the inconsistency of trash and overflowed trash cans are raising concern to many students and staff.  As you walk around campus you may notice trash cans here and there that are overflowed,...


SHC Announces Tuition Reset for Fall 2021

Spring Hill College announces a reduction in tuition prices for Fall 2021. President of Spring Hill College, E. Joseph Lee II, PhD, announced at a press conference that Spring Hill will be lowering the cost of tuition by almost 50 percent.  “Spr...


Hurricane Sally Rips Up The Hill

Hurricane Sally swept through Spring Hill’s campus causing multiple problems for the hill last Wednesday night. The Category 2 hurricane struck the campus between Tuesday night and lasted until Wednesday morning. According to Student Affairs, the...


Students Struggle with Odd Year

With the semester already 6 weeks in progress, students and faculty members are figuring out ways to deal with the start-stop dilemma with classes and assignments, and how to finish out the semester strong. Students and faculty are having to adju...