SHC Launches Continuing Studies Program


Spring Hill College recently launched online-exclusive business courses designed to provide students a practical skill set in a variety of business areas that will allow them to thrive in today’s business environment.

Dr. Daniel Massey, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and continuing studies director, calls this program ‘an extension of the values at Spring Hill College.’ “The students who will be doing this will have done some college, and this is a chance for them to come back to college and finish a degree or learn a new skill set or new profession to help them advance in their life.”

The continuing studies program houses a multitude of degrees and certificates, most notably the Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Studies where students can choose concentrations in supply chain management, management in marketing, sports management or computer information systems. Whether students are interested in starting their own business or want to move into senior management roles, these concentrations will give them the solid foundation they need. In addition, it is designed to include the prerequisite courses normally required for admission to most Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

The continuing studies program also is designed to be similar to the in-class college experience. Students will participate in a vibrant course structure and interact with their classmates and professor, the same way they might in person. “Online courses are always very different from an in-person course. But I think they differ less than you might think,” said Dr. Massey. “The instructor needs to be a presence and the students need to be interacting with one another. So, you might be sitting in your pajamas taking your course but you’re having the same kinds of interactions you’d have with your professor or colleagues in the classroom. I hope it’s not too different, in fact.”

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