Road Rage: The Root of the Problem

Road rage has been almost everywhere you look recently. Whether you drive around or watch the news, you have likely to come across, come in contact with, or witnessed an irate driver taking things too far. Recently, this problem has come to a hea...


Spring Hill Students Host Blanket Drive

After seeing the damage that the Lee County tornadoes caused, which killed nearly two dozen people and left very little in its path, freshman Nicolas Johnson and Kathryn Weatherspoon knew they needed to jump into action. “They went through devast...


2019 SGA Election Concludes with Dernlan-Morgan Victory

After two weeks of prepping and campaigning, the Spring Hill College Student Government Association (SGA) 2019 presidential and vice presidential elections resulted in juniors Cade Dernlan and Griffin Morgan winning as president and vice president...


Father Lucey Retires as Chancellor

Rev. Gregory F. Lucey SJ, announced his retirement as Chancellor of Spring Hill on February 27. After dedicating 22 years to Spring Hill as both president and Chancellor, Fr. Lucey has stepped down from his full-time duties at the college. Fr. Lu...


Fake Wedding, Real Community

This past Saturday at 5 p.m., students gathered outside the Fairway Apartments for the event of the spring, the annual fake wedding. Don’t let the name fool you, it is just as much of a celebration as a real wedding would be. However, instead of b...