New Tax Proposal's Impact on College Students

On Thursday Nov. 2, 2017, House Representative unveiled a new tax cut plan. According to CBS, this tax cut plans to “slash the corporate tax rate, lowers taxes for most Americans but limits a cherished deduction for homeowners as President Trump ...


Nation's Political Divide Less Defined at SHC

Editor's Note: This is the first in a two-part series looking at the issue of building unity at SHC when -- according to national reports -- unity seems so difficult to achieve nationally. Part one of the series looks at the nation's pol...


Greenkeepers Initiate Action Against Litter

Trash build up has become a problem on campus, causing some furry friends to make an appearance. Students taking advantage of new trash receptacles throughout campus haven’t been proven as beneficial as planned. The litter problems around campus ...


CLARIFICATION: Mold in Fairways is not 'black mold'

A recent outbreak of mold in the apartments has left many students feeling ill. Contrary to a previously published report in The SpringHillian student newspaper, results of testing commissioned by the college found that the mold in some on-campus...


Public Safety Investigates Car Break-Ins

There has been a string of car break-ins on campus recently targeting Spring Hill College students who leave their cars unlocked, or valuable items in plain sight. Spring Hill College may be a small college where students live in a “bubble” of sor...