What To Expect When Applying For Housing


With housing coming up fast, Spring Hill College has made changes to the housing application process.

This  includes a specific application for the Fairway apartments, having some residence halls missing from the application, and implementing new requirements for apartment applicants. Holly Banning, Director of Residence Life and Community Standards, explained that the housing application process will be slightly different from past years pertaining to the Fairway apartments. There will be a specific application for those wishing to live in the apartments in addition to a selection day only for those applicants. The apartment selection day will be prior to the rest of the housing selection. In addition, mandatory housing selection meetings will be held through the month of March. Banning also explains to clear up some confusion on campus that, “Only fourth year Seniors or above are allowed to live in the Fairways. This has always been the requirement.” Sabrina Cruz, a student on the housing selection committee, tells students, “I’m hoping everything goes well and that people follow directions to make it all go easier. I think that all the Seniors are going to have a spot in the fairways. It’s going to be fun to be all together for our last year.”

As for other students, O’Leary Hall and Walsh Hall will continue to be closed next year. Banning explains that this is because, “We want to have residential communities which are vibrant and provide the best community experience living on campus.” Spring Hill College aims for on-campus residents to have the best housing experience possible by keeping students in close communities. These halls will be reopened once the college receives enough students that desire to live on campus. 

This situation occurred this semester when the Freshman baseball team along with four rugby players living in Viragh had to move to the first floor of Walsh West due to the need of extensive repairs in their pod. The water pressure in the pod was not up to standards, so the team met with Banning to work out a plan. Being student athletes, water pressure is essential to their hygiene and was not suitable for the needs of the players. Freshman baseball player, Cade Simpson, says, “I was excited about moving to Walsh because it is so close to everything on campus.” The boys will be living in Walsh for the remainder of the semester while the repairs are being made.

However, other Viragh pods have been having similar issues with water pressure. Momo Cranley, Viragh resident, states, “Mostly everyone in Viragh has bad water pressure. Sometimes the water pressure will go out in the middle of your shower.” 

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