Hurricane Sally Rips Up The Hill

: Fallen tree next to Stewart Field
Fallen tree next to Stewart Field

Hurricane Sally swept through Spring Hill’s campus causing multiple problems for the hill last Wednesday night.

The Category 2 hurricane struck the campus between Tuesday night and lasted until Wednesday morning. According to Student Affairs, the buildings did not receive major damage and the campus never lost power despite experiencing some power surges. However, there were several trees that fell and branches that filled up the sidewalks and blocked off roads. 

After the storm hit, Student Affairs asked students, “to remain sheltered in place until at least noon.” In their email to the student body,  they also asked students who were off campus to not travel to campus until instructed to do so.

Due to a lack of power in the city of Mobile, Spring Hill’s administration cancelled classes from Wednesday to Friday. Other campus operations were temporarily shut down such as the cafeteria, Daily Mass and the campus ministry office. 

Some students stayed on campus, while others evacuated. Sophomore Alexander Allain stayed in her dorm in Mobile. “There was more damage than I expected because students were telling me that it was only going to be Category 1 and that it is not that serious, but I learned that it can still be very damaging and devastating,” Allain said.

“The hardest part was that there was no wi-fi. It was hard to text people and to check the weather because I needed to see what was going on,” said Jordyn Lang, a senior who went home to her grandparents’ house during the storm. The storm caused Lang and her family to lose power and wi-fi.

After the hurricane, Plant Operations inspected the damage and cleared the campus with the help of SHC students and athletes. Several trees fell and some blocked off sidewalks and roads. None of the campus buildings suffered any major damage according to Student Affairs.

According to the SHC Office of Marketing and Communication, classes resumed on Monday. Other employees and commuters were allowed to return to campus on Saturday. 

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