Dr. Lee Details SHC Tuition Reduction

Olivia McNorton: President Lee at the Real World Ready town hall meeting.
President Lee at the Real World Ready town hall meeting.

Spring Hill College’s President Joe Lee gave an exclusive interview on Spring Hill Now concerning a recent announcement that tuition prices would be cut by 50 percent beginning August 2021. 

On Sept. 14th, the college sent out an email revealing the bold move by the school under the slogan of “Real World Ready”, an expression that summarizes its advances into a more affordable and diverse approach to both tuition and student housing fees as well as an expansion of online learning options.

The price reduction puts the total cost of tuition for the 2021-2022 school year at $21,100; students paid $39,336 for the 2020-2021 school year. That marks a $18,236 difference, which according to the college’s website places the school “from having the highest direct costs in Alabama to among the most affordable private colleges in the country.”

Dr. Lee called the tuition change a “good thing” because it would enable the college to reach a “bigger audience and become more diverse”. The announcement was met with positivity, students praising the decision on social media for being a bold and decisive change. Some displayed a more cautious attitude, concerned about the status of scholarships in the midst of the significant reduction in costs. “I think what they [students] need to know is that they’re not going to be paying any more, ” Dr. Lee said “In some cases, they’ll be paying less.”

He also confirmed that all scholarships would remain in effect for existing students and continue to be an option for prospective students. He affirmed that the college’s principles would remain steadfast. “We’re still going to do it the right way,” Dr Lee said, “We’re still going to do it with the Jesuit Catholic heritage that we’ve done for 190 years.”

“If you’re not continually improving, you’re gonna go backwards.” Dr. Lee said in the closing of the interview, “That’s what I want to do-keep on improving in every single area.”

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