Genesis Gonzalez: Student accessing LockDown browser for a test.

Special Software Required for Exams

With fall exams around the corner, many professors are requiring students to use lockdown browsers.  As part of Spring Hill College’s plan to combat large numbers of COVID-19 cases, they are asking students to stay at home after Thanksgiving brea...


SHC's Spring Plans for Handling COVID

In 2020, the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. Many colleges and universities have reacted to this pandemic in a variety of ways. The Spring Hill College Vice President of Student Affairs, Kevin Abel, recently sat down and spoke of what he ...


Alabama State Grant Funding Changes

The Alabama Commission on Higher Education announced an Alabama Student Grant Program funding to change for the 2020-2021 academic year.  According to an email sent from the Office of Financial Aid, “…the Alabama Commission on higher Education ha...


SHC Center for Online Learning Opens

Part of Spring Hill’s “Real World Ready” initiative is manifesting through the phasing of 16 undergraduate programs into the college’s Center for Online Learning beginning in 2021 in an embrace of the online learning experience. On September 20, ...


SGA Takes on Initiatives for Students

Last month, Spring Hill College’s Student Government Association convened their first in-person meeting of the new school year. SGA is planning on implementing new initiatives and continuing to pursue the implementation of ones that were proposed...