Alabama State Grant Funding Changes


The Alabama Commission on Higher Education announced an Alabama Student Grant Program funding to change for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

According to an email sent from the Office of Financial Aid, “…the Alabama Commission on higher Education has declared the yearly maximum award payment for 2020-2021 to be $1,200 for full-time students and $600 for half-time students”. The grant will be for students who are residents of Alabama and are working on their undergrad. 

Rebecca Robinson who works directly with the grant says, “This is not a need based program.” This means that anyone who is a resident of Alabama is eligible. 

The previous amount awarded to students was $500 for those who are full-time students and $250 for those who were part-time students. According to the email, this may also have an effect on a student’s loan eligibility.  

Funds will be available in student’s accounts until late December that will come from the ACHE. Students will be able to see how this will affect their eligibility by login into their Badgerweb. The information will be under their 2020-2021 Financial Aid Award. 

Robinson says that applications are available for the grants at the financial aid office. All deadlines are on the application. 

Every year the award is funded based on how much the school receives from the ACHE. With the ACHE approving $1,200 for full time students and $600 for part-time students, the school can now award the grant. 

Robinson explains the comparison from previous years. She states “just to give you a comparison, in the 2014-2015 year the ASGP award was only $450 for the year for full-time students.” 

If students have any questions, they may contact the Office of Financial aid at (251) 380-3460. 

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