Greek Life Adjustments to COVID-19


The novel COVID-19 pandemic has ruined almost all Spring and Summer plans for what seems like the whole world. Specifically affected, many greek organizations’ plans at Spring Hill’s campuses have been put to ruins. The tight-knit group of students that pay extra money year-round to experience the better of higher education has been struck with the loss of what they work/pay/prepare for all year long. Spring events that produce much of the second-semester fun have been canceled and chapters across campus react.

The loss of social events, invite parties, philanthropy events, and many more productions have been shut down due to the pandemic. What feels like promised minutes and interactions with lifelong brothers and sisters on such an amazing campus, and then it all be taken away with the snap of an email just makes us realize precious time is. Tri Delta’s Social Chair Riley McGreal went on to say “the chapter was heartbroken to find out we would not be on campus as a chapter for the remainder of the semester. Everyone was sad to not get to spend every last second until graduation with our amazing senior pledge class.” One of the more popular Spring philanthropy events on campus, Phi Mu’s “Kickballin For Kids”, is no longer in place for the semester and the chapter is upset but optimistic about the outcome. Current Phi Mu President Grace Crapps commented “While we have been coping with this unexpected loss, this time has shown or reiterated to them that Phi Mu is way more than social events and gatherings. Our members have been writing letters to each other and randomly calling one another to show support, which is really Phi Mu is all about.”

Another issue that has struck the greek organizations is the chapter dues that are essential to pay for the social events. One of the questions that was brought up to Grace Crapps was, how is the chapter assessing the issue. She went on to say “that Phi Mu Nationals are refunding their members for the month of April since that money will not be able to be spent at these events”. Lambda Chi Alpha’s President went on to say “that their Headquarters is still requiring them to pay dues in full so this has brought up a dilemma amongst the boys.” But the fraternity is also looking optimistic about the full due payment because it will create a good starting fund for next year. Some chapters wanted to defer to no comment on how they are assessing the issues. 

Something that has hit home for all organizations is the fact that the senior class time was cut short so suddenly. Bobby Nelms, a brother of Sigma Chi, went on to say that “many of our seniors were quite upset because we had Spring Formal planned out that was unlike anything anyone has experienced before.” McGreal went on to say “We are trying our best to plan a virtual senior night to recognize them for all their hard work and to share our favorite memories of them in Tri Delta here at Spring Hill.” 

Times are hard for everyone at Spring Hill, especially the community that calls themselves “Greeks”. They are the community that prides themselves on being family, having fun, and providing services for those in need. With such a promising end of the year that was ahead, the time was cut short and some are still in disbelief. But things can only go up from here for the organizations. Nelms went on to quote the famous J Cole saying “To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is”. We have it so good at Spring Hill, so when we get back on campus let’s cherish every second we have on such a vibrant campus. 

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