Mailroom Overflows with Textbook Rentals

Grace Crapps: Textbook rentals in SHC bookstore
Textbook rentals in SHC bookstore

The textbook season has begun at Spring Hill College. Every year, students prepare for their classes by gathering school supplies and most importantly, textbooks. 

Books are selling quickly in the campus bookstore and many are being constantly shipped to the mailroom. Barnes and Noble manager Jason Meier shared that there has been several students coming in to purchase books. He estimated that about 60-70 percent of those students have scholarships. In fact, a brief survey that was conducted revealed that most students buying in the bookstore do so because of their scholarships.

Sophomore Roger Baudry explained that he purchases from the bookstore because it is easiest and most convenient. On the contrary, Junior Drew Spinks said that he primarily shops on, because the prices are often lower than Barnes and Nobles. Spinks will only shop at the bookstore in the rare case that the prices are cheaper than Amazon.

After asking students around campus, many are opposed to the high prices listed in the campus bookstore. Senior Makayla Rodrigue stated, “I hope they find a way to make their books cheaper.” As a result of the bookstore prices, Makayla prefers to use Amazon Prime and is relieved that it only takes two days for her materials to arrive. 

Meier explained how the bookstore does not price match with third-parties. When asked why she prefers to use Amazon and Chegg rather than any other options, Senior Amelia Bodet stated, “Because I can sell my books back to Amazon and Chegg!” For students who don’t wish to keep their textbooks for life, many students claim that these two companies are both sensible options.

If a student is looking to save more money, there is also the option of renting books. Junior Lucia Reyes shares with us that she always rents her textbooks. Reyes said, “It’s easy and very cost effective.”

One may be wondering, “Where do all these books go and how many are being shipped to Spring Hill College?” Kelli Harris, the mailroom supervisor shared that within the past month alone there has been $1,906 worth of shipments. Harris explained that the staff had so many packages delivered that they could barely walk around without tripping on boxes. 

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