Olivia McNorton: President Lee at the Real World Ready town hall meeting.

Dr. Lee Details SHC Tuition Reduction

Spring Hill College’s President Joe Lee gave an exclusive interview on Spring Hill Now concerning a recent announcement that tuition prices would be cut by 50 percent beginning August 2021.  On Sept. 14th, the college sent out an email revealing ...


SHC Hosts Real World Ready Town Hall Meeting

  On Oct. 6th, Spring Hill College hosted a virtual town hall meeting where students, faculty, and staff could have their questions answered surrounding the recent announcement of the tuition reduction planned for August 2021. Questions were pre...


Student Employment Affected by COVID

  The pandemic is affecting more than just the health of Spring Hill College students, as it also takes a toll on the amount of federal work study jobs that are available to them.  Junior Tess Doyle works in the mailroom for Spring Hill College....


New Library Hours for Fall 2020

  This school year is moving very quickly, and one thing that lingers in people's minds is the library hours and how it is affecting students here on campus.  The library has always been a quiet place for students to go and get work done. B...


Trash on Campus

Spring Hill College prides themselves on appearance, but the inconsistency of trash and overflowed trash cans are raising concern to many students and staff.  As you walk around campus you may notice trash cans here and there that are overflowed,...