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: Cultural Night in September drew groups of people excited to celebrate Mobile's diverse culture.

Cultural Night at Spring Hill College

Students, faculty and volunteers gathered at Stewartfield on Spring Hill College’s campus to celebrate Cultural Night and learn about different cultures in September. The welcoming and friendly environment was decorated with flags from different ...


New Yoga Club Intends to Explore Cura Personalis

Spring Hill College hosts many clubs and organizations around campus, but there is a new club this fall semester that has caught the eye of some students. SHC senior Caroline Herrera founded the Yoga club in hopes to share her experiences with the...


SHC Art Professor Found Her Vocation at Early Age

Not many people are born knowing their exact vocation, except for artist Wanda Sullivan. For most, finding a career path takes time and discernment that is certainly past the age of 5. “I always knew what I was going to do and have never faltered,...


Business Faculty Member Has Unique Ministry

As the teenagers disperse around the lake, the birds that were once grazing along the bank fly away and settle in the tall pines. The sun gleamers across the water and John Eads finally has a moment of peace and reflection. In his usual attire of ...


Graphic Designer Aims to Make a Difference

Selfless, talented, funny and hard-working are just a few words that describe graphic designer Khalid Al-Shethry. He is using his skill in design to make a difference in the world and to have a positive impact on the people around him. Khalid Al-...