Staff: Jessica Winter

Is CBD helpful or just a hype?

All of a sudden, CBD is everywhere. The New York Times says that CBD, short for cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic component of cannabis and hemp, is being advertised as the newest miracle treatment. Supporters rave about its supposed anti-remedies. ...


Google Maps vs. Waze

Google Maps is releasing a feature that will allow drivers to see where police are located along their way. According to Google Inc., “drivers will be able to report hazards, slowdowns, and speed traps.” This feature is not new to the direction ap...


Sports Gaming: Can You Cash Out?

Until recently, esports have never been taken seriously despite video games being massively popular. According to Variety, at least 67% of Americans play video games. That’s roughly 220 million people. Sony has sold more than 92 million units of t...


'Joker' Film Accused of Influencing Violence

Seven years ago, towards the end of July a young man dressed as the infamous villain, the joker, walked into a Colorado theater named Aurora, to attend what was the new Batman movie at the time, “The Dark Night.” Not even an hour into the movie, ...


Is Vaping Really a Crisis?

Many college students vape regularly, claiming that e-cigarettes help them destress between classes. However, these vaping devices are linked to multiple cases of illness and even death across the country.  The Center for Disease Control and Prev...