Is Vaping Really a Crisis?


Many college students vape regularly, claiming that e-cigarettes help them destress between classes. However, these vaping devices are linked to multiple cases of illness and even death across the country. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the national death toll from lung illnesses linked to vaping is now up to at least 15 people, while over 800 cases of the vaping-associated lung injuries have also been reported. More vaping-related cases are occurring daily, and the CDC is continuing its investigation into the products and their effects.

The most popular form of e-cigarettes for young adults is Juuls. The cigarette-alternative brand has previously advertised that their vaping products are “99% safer than cigarettes,” to the disapproval of the FDA. The brand has converted many cigarette-smokers to regular vapors with their product, but they have also gotten many young people, including adolescents, addicted to nicotine.

Now that a criminal investigation has been launched against the brand, the $38 billion company’s CEO Kevin Burns has officially stepped down from his position, according to MarketsInsider. Juul has also announced that they will cease all advertising in the U.S.

Since the vaping crisis has spread across the nation, the Trump administration announced this month that they plan to ban most flavored e-cigarettes, according to The New York Times. Trump said “We can't allow people to get sick. And we can't have our kids be so affected.” The CDC says that about 62% of patients with vaping-related illnesses are between 18 to 34 years old, and 22% of patients are between 18 and 21.

There are 16 cases of vaping-related illness cases under investigation right here in Alabama. According to NBC News, patients affected by vaping-associated injuries experience symptoms similar to those of pneumonia, 

During an interview with CBS, Burns himself warned that those not already using nicotine should not vape and not use Juul products. I agree that people not already addicted to nicotine have no reason to even pick up an e-cigarette. Why waste the money on a product that does not benefit you?

The truth is that no one really knows just how dangerous vaping products can be. Personally, I would prefer to not be a human “lab-rat” and risk illness or death from vaping. The CDC recommends that people refrain from using vaping products, especially those containing THC, and I agree with this completely. 

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