Maggie Algero : Kristen Dunham

More Than Broken Silence

Victims of sexual violence have been breaking the silence about their experiences in the United States over the past two years. We have seen in Hollywood and other places in the U.S. how women and even men have been reporting sexual violence, whe...


Mental Health: How do Millennials Deal With it?

Although the “older” generation may not be able to see it, could there really be a mental health crisis going on with millennials today? I know what I am saying seems a little far fetched, but after three and a half years of college and dealing w...


Commuter on Campus: How do we connect?

As graduation quickly approaches, I have realized that for the past four years I have belonged to one specific group during my time on campus: the commuters. As a commuter, there are many days where you wake up early for class just to sit in traff...


The Privilege of Our First Amendment Rights

In the United States, we are extremely fortunate that our Constitution provides rights to give us, as individuals, the opportunity to express our independent ideas and opinions without persecution. We have a great amount of freedom that many other...