: Columnist Drew Spinks

The Academy is Hampering Artistic Integrity

The Academy announced new initiatives that would require films to fulfill certain diversity requirements to qualify for Best Picture. Failure to meet these diversity requirements would eliminate the film from receiving an award.  The Academy clai...


Commuters Take Greater Infection Risk

  As of Tuesday, October 6 only 46% of students and 57% of full time faculty and staff have signed up for SHC’s sentinel testing program. These figures include individuals who are working remotely from home. Getting through the hardships of coll...


Political Statements in Professional Sports

Four years ago, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick immersed himself into a national controversy by doing one small gesture during the national anthem. Taking a knee.  His act launched a series of protests on the field. Other players...


Young People Want to Vote- Teach Them How

It’s no secret that voters ages 18-29 notoriously do not exercise their right to vote. But is this a fault of character, or in the American education system? Often, the lack of political enthusiasm is placed on the carelessness of  young adulthoo...


Climate Change Causing California Wildfires

Since I have two sisters who live in California, these wildfires really hit close to home. My sisters have sent me pictures of the orange and gray sky with the sun barely peeking through. A Reuters News Service article about the wildfires states, ...