Who is to Blame for Rising Gas Prices?

  Everytime I drive past a gas station with my friends, at least one person exclaims, “Gas prices are too high!” or “The gas is so high. It’s Biden’s fault.” This is followed by a discussion that questions who to blame for the quickly rising pric...


Will Masks Come Off on April 9th?

Kay Ivey has declared the public mask mandate in Alabama will be lifted April 9th at her briefing on March 4th.  As Mississippi and Texas lifted their mandates completely, for the reason of ‘personal freedom’, many citizens of Alabama believed th...


Women Athletes Deserve Proper Compensation

  This past year, women have made several steps of progress towards equality, the glaring aspect of inequality in the salary of female athletes in comparison to male athletes still looms over.  Over the past years, several female athletes have s...


Will Washington, D.C. Become the 51st State?

  Washington, D.C., has been through many changes in the last month. After the Capitol riots, a fence went up around a number of federal buildings, including the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. COVID numbers in the area are rising and ...


Eating Disorders Need to be Taken More Seriously

  National Eating Disorder Awareness week was held on the week of Feb. 22 through Feb. 28 all across the world.  According to the National Eating Disorder Awareness website, the goal of the week was to educate others on eating disorders and spre...