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SHC Seeks to Improve Campus


In recent weeks, Spring Hill College has been working hard to improve the aesthetic of the campus. 

Students may have already noticed some changes such as power washing, repainting and working fountains. Rachel Lee, Facilities Project Manager and Grounds Supervisor explained more about the changes being made. The school has partnered with Weatherford Lawn and Fountain to restore the fountains on campus. The one on the South Lawn is already running. There is a sealing problem with the fountains at Skips, Viragh and the learning center next to the library. The school is hoping to fix it as soon as possible so that all of the fountains on campus will be working again. Students will soon have the opportunity to think, study and relax by the school fountains. 

All three walls at the Dauphin Street entrance have recently been power washed and have had the letters repainted with brighter colors. New mulch was laid down and pansies were also planted at the entrance to give it a more colorful look for anyone entering the campus or driving by.

The power washing does not just stop there. With the purchase of three new power washers, the Grounds team can now keep walkways, outdoor seating and walls looking clean. By hiring a power washing company for maintaining the Campus Tour, the school hopes to use them to also power wash the buildings on campus each year as well. 

Stewartfield will also receive a couple of upgrades. Alabama Power will be installing a new heating and cooling system for the building to provide a more comfortable atmosphere throughout the year. The house will also have a new roof in the same style, to reduce the risk of any future leaks.

Students living in Viragh were dealing with the problem of red dirt being tracked into their rooms. The Grounds team came up with a solution by building a gravel walkway and finished the look with a river rock border and stepping stones. 

What else can Spring Hill students expect to see? As far as future projects go, the plan is to have wooden swings put up around campus. Lee explains, “We have one of the most beautiful college campuses in the South and I think it’s important to have nice opportunistic sitting areas to just sit and reflect on what a beautiful place we truly have, or to serve as small social areas where students can engage with one another.” Mandi Moore, Office Manager of Plant Operations, states that as there is a budget that they must stick to, they are focusing on one project at a time. 

Students are encouraged to make suggestions. Lee goes on to say, “Spring Hill is the best College around and it's important for the Grounds to always reflect that! That being said, I'm also ALWAYS open to input and ideas from students.”

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