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Campus Update: Good News

Kelly Dolph: St. Joseph's Chapel
St. Joseph's Chapel

With all of the constant negativity around the world with the current crisis, SHC and others have stepped up to report some positive news. Actor John Krasinski began hosting his own at-home web series called “Some Good News” which first began on March 29. Krasinski asked, “Why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?” He reached out to fans on Twitter and they sent him positive, heartwarming stories that he then shared in his videos. 

At Spring Hill College, some good news has come out as well. On April 15, the school informed its students about the financial situations concerning room and board fees. Students who will be returning in the fall will receive a credit from the school that will be applied to their room and board for the next semester. Graduating seniors and those who will not be returning will receive a refund. President Joe Lee announced that a Forbes article ranked SHC “among the top ten of colleges and universities for students’ return on college investments.”

There have also been some smaller changes the school has made. As students and faculty continue to meet through Zoom meetings and other various platforms, SHC National Alumni Association created some free Badger backgrounds for students to use. The college has also made a Pinterest board filled with 99.5 reasons why they love SHC. From Golf Cart Karaoke to Beaumont, this diverse list of reasons is proof that Spring Hill truly does care about their students. 

Even though the new SGA officers did not receive a normal ceremony, the school made sure that their accomplishment was still recognized. A live streamed video was shared on April 22 with all students and faculty, encouraging them to watch as the new officers took their positions. Lee also shared with students the growing excitement of incoming freshmen for the fall semester. They have been posting pictures on social media with some SHC gear. Despite the hardships the campus community and the world are facing, SHC and people like Krasinski are encouraging others that there can still be some good news. 

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