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Preparing Resident Students for Winter Break Move-Out


Residence Life staff and students are preparing to move out over the winter break before the beginning of the spring semester.

From the end of final exams for the fall semester up until the beginning of the spring semester, students are expected to leave campus for the holiday break.

Before leaving campus, SHC Residence Life expects students to complete a check-list to ensure the conditions of their on-campus dorms are up to Residence Life standards. Director of Residence Life and Community Standards Nathan McQuinn said that students can expect information from Residence Life regarding winter break move-out after Thanksgiving.

“It’s a pretty easy process for Christmas break,” McQuinn said. ”All people need to do is follow the instructions and leave. They don’t check out with their resident assistant and they can bring their keys with them.”

McQuinn stated that students are responsible for taking out their trash, unplugging and cleaning refrigerators and locking their room before leaving.

“My goal is to transition from winter to spring as easily as possible and in return, all I ask from students is that they make sure they leave their space as clean as possible,” McQuinn said.

According to McQuinn, before students leave campus, they can expect Residence Life to check their rooms to verify compliance.

SHC junior and RA for Viragh Hall, Aliciah Rashid, said, “Each RA is most likely going to have a closing-out meeting with their residents to let them know the process of what they need to be doing over the next couple days and just about ending the semester with that great energy.”

According to McQuinn, the Office of Residence Life and Community Standards will be completely shut down during the break and they will be short-staffed.

Therefore, students will need to take everything they need with them over the break especially medications and books.

For more information, contact your RA or the Office of Residence Life and Community Standards at

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