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The Hidden Gem of Spring Hill: Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper, a communications officer for the Spring Hill Police Department, wentfrom working with prisoners for 27 years to working with students here on campus. ‘Mrs. Brenda,’ as most of the student call her, changed her life around when she ...


New Grant Boosts On-Campus Mental Health Resources

The Alabama Department of Public Health awarded Psychology professors Dr. JamieO’Bryant and Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio a one-year $10,000 grant towards mental healthawareness, suicide prevention and LGBTQ+ support. Together, Dr. O’Bryant and Dr. Fr...


SHC Promotes Student Internships

What is every college student expected to do before they graduate? One would normally answer ‘make Dean’s List’ or ‘set a school record’ or even ‘leave a new club as my legacy on campus’. However, none of these are expected of students. Every coll...


SHC Students Celebrate Galentine's Day

Women on Spring Hill’s campus decided to throw their very own “Galentine’s Day” celebration in Skips on Feb. 13. Galentine’s Day is a current trend and is commonly recognized by women as the day before Valentine’s Day. Women both with and without...


SHC Seeks to Improve Campus

In recent weeks, Spring Hill College has been working hard to improve the aesthetic of the campus.  Students may have already noticed some changes such as power washing, repainting and working fountains. Rachel Lee, Facilities Project Manager and...