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International Students Return Home Over Christmas


As the holidays approach, it is time for students to prepare to return to their homes and, in many cases, to their countries of origin. Spring Hill College is a unique community; composed of international students from more than seventeen countries around the world it is one of the most diverse colleges in Alabama. 

Louis Moritz, originally from Germany, says he is very anxious to return to his native country after a long semester. "It is always good to return home and more so during the Christmas season. I want to get home to see my family and live and talk about all my experiences during my stay here in the United States," Moritz said.

For Louis Moritz, being an international student can represent many challenges in all aspects, but he is aware that perseverance is key in any process. Many international students usually wait a whole semester to travel back to their home country. For Yannik Wessel, who is a student from a town near Munich, Germany; this is no exception. 

Wessel is part of the golf team and this means time, patience, and sacrifices are often required as he mentions; "For athletes like us, we must always stay a few extra days before we can return to our homes. "Wessel says that he will travel for a few days in the United States before returning to Germany; after taking a trip along the West Coast during Thanksgiving break, he will now go to the East Coast to see how the Americans there celebrate the holidays. "It is very interesting to see and understand how different the same tradition can be celebrated, in this case Christmas" Wessel said.

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world, but it is worth mentioning that it is very interesting to know how in each country there are certain customs and traditions which make and put a unique essence of culture in a holiday such as Christmas. For Louis Moritz & Yannik Wessel, returning to their country of origin means not only taking a break, but means being able to spend quality time with their loved ones and appreciate the true meaning of the holidays. 

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