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SHC Students Chirping About Chicken Sandwiches


        Popeye’s has the nation going crazy over the restock of their famous chicken sandwich. The sandwich sold out two weeks after its initial launch. According to the Wall Street Journal, this sandwich was two years in the making.

         The sandwich is available in two options, classic or spicy. They are both served in foil-lined bags, which now have a new design. Other than sauces, both versions have the same ingredients: pickles and crispy fried chicken between a buttery brioche bun. The classic sandwich comes with regular mayonnaise while the spicy sandwich’s mayonnaise is spiked with cayenne.

         People all over social media were crazed about this new sandwich. Many users on Twitter started creating memes about Popeye’s being the new king of the chicken sandwich. The sandwich was popular both on the internet and in real life, causing people to rush to the fast food chain in order to taste the new menu item before it was gone.

Lines were long, and people were getting upset. Many videos arose on social media of people fighting other patrons over the sandwich and people verbalizing their frustration towards employees. Some people had the idea to buy multiple sandwiches to later sell for a heavily inflated price.

         The sandwich was initially scheduled to run from mid-August to late September. It sold for two weeks before Popeye’s tweeted that it was sold out. The nation tweeted out their frustrations on how they did not get to try the sandwich, and Popeye’s announced it would be bringing the sandwich back on its menu permanently.

This time people weren’t as satisfied with the sandwich as much as they were during its limited run. Despite this, students are still a fan of the sandwich. Freshman Raul Torres says, “I like the bread, and the chicken felt larger than Chick-fil-A’s. I would prefer it over Chick-fil-A’s sandwich.” 

Chick-fil-A seems to be Popeye’s chicken sandwich’s only true competitor nationwide. People are split between the two chains when deciding which is tastier. Senior Hana Blalack says, “it wasn’t the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t prefer it over Chick-fil-A, but Foosackly’s sandwich tops them all!”

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