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Avery Thayer: Pumpkins

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and students at Spring Hill College are getting in the fall spirit.

Sept. 23 marked the first day of fall. Fellow students at Spring Hill College share their excitement as they get into the fall spirit, and explain how you can join them. 

Students at Spring Hill love the cold weather, crisp leaves, and the fall activities. Emma Pitts, junior at Spring Hill College, shares her enthusiasm by saying, “Football, I like the weather, I like the leaves, the crisp cool air of the morning.” 

Students express their increased enjoyment of sports during the fall. Football is a fall favorite. Ulysses Fluellen II, fifth year senior at Spring Hill, says, “Football, that’s when football you know gets going, I like to watch football during that time of the year.” Mateo Pozo, freshman at Spring Hill, explains that soccer is great in the fall because “whenever you’re running it’s cold so you’re not dying outside from the heat.” 

Another favorite is the festive baking season of fall. Haley Rainey, junior at Spring Hill College, says, “I like to bake pecan pies, apple pies, and spice cake.” Her favorite thing is making pecan pie for her family every fall. Rilie Mcdaniel, junior at Spring Hill, also agrees that fall flavors, such as pumpkin, are delightful. 

Pumpkin carving and bonfires are also a “must do” in the fall. Mcdaniel goes with her friends to the pumpkin patch every fall. She paints her pumpkin since that is more convenient for a college lifestyle. She also goes to a couple of bonfires.

Warm beverages like hot coco and pumpkin lattes are the way to go. According to Pozo, “Hot coco no doubt, because it’s warm, and you wake up to that and it’s just great.” Mcdaniel also says hot chocolate. “I love having a fire going and my hot chocolate with me,” explains Mcdaniel.

There are certain colors that are associated with and worn during the fall. Mcdaniel says maroon because “some leaves are on the ground that are that maroon color.” It’s a perfect fall color, and that’s why her nails are already showing off that hue. Pozo and Rainey say black is another perfect fall color. Fluellen II says, “I don’t really like the taste of pumpkins, but I like the way pumpkins look.” 

Fall also has guidelines for what to wear. According to Rainey, “This season is just an easy-t with some denim and wedges.” “I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing these dark wash jeans and denim jackets,” says Mcdaniel. Fluellen II also wears his denim with flannels. 

Oversized clothing is definitely in style. Mcdaniel and Pitts love their oversized sweaters. Pozo likes wearing his baggie pajamas and oversized hoodies. Pitts says, “I like to keep on all my layers of clothing and make sure I’m all warm and cozy inside.” She actually brings a blanket to class to keep warm. “Oversized sweaters are definitely the way to go this season,” says Mcdaniel. 

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