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Fall Festivities are Finally Approaching

Tara Summers: (Left) Sidney Spivey, Colette Conners, & Ryan Glynn show off their carvings
(Left) Sidney Spivey, Colette Conners, & Ryan Glynn show off their carvings

It’s officially spooky season here on the Hill, and students are celebrating! Spring Hill will be hosting various events to help the Badgers get into the fall spirit.

The Campus Programming Board will host a pumpkin carving contest on Oct. 29 in the student center dining area.

Students can gather in groups of four on the cafeteria’s stage from 12 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. to participate. Faculty and students then have the opportunity to vote on their favorite pumpkin-carved creation from Oct. 29-30, and the winners will be announced 8 p.m. at the Mckinney’s Costume Mixer on Oct. 31. Be sure to wear your favorite Halloween costume at this event for the chance to win awards for best costume!

October Fest is another fun Halloween event that happens here on the Hill. Students wearing costumes will get together on Nov. 2 at the Fairways to celebrate the end of the Halloween season with friends. There will even be a live band performing for students! Junior Sanaja Andre says she can’t wait to celebrate with her friends at October Fest because “it brings the community together, and we all dress up and have a good time while still being safe on campus.”

The Spanish Club is also celebrating the Día de los Muertos from Nov. 4-8. José Chavarria, president of Spanish Club, says this is a huge deal for the campus because “SHC hasn’t celebrated this holiday before, and the mission of the club is to show the community what Spanish culture is like. I hope this becomes a new tradition on the Hill.” They will host a picnic and watch Disney’s critically acclaimed Coco during their movie night on Rydex. The club is also preparing an altar to honor lost Badgers and loved ones. Students will have the opportunity to place momentos and letters to those they have lost at the altar. The club will also have t-shirts for sale. 

Students are embracing the season within their dorms also. Students are decorating their rooms and halls with Halloween decorations and preparing seasonal treats like candied apples, pumpkin bread, and Pillsbury’s Halloween cookies. Students like freshman Olivia Morrison even share candy with their friends. 

Senior Curt Lilley says he gets into the fall spirit by “watching Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown with family,” while Senior Emmarose Neibert says her favorite part of the Halloween season is “planning a group Halloween costume with my friends!” 

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