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Student Explains Struggle with Food Sensitivity on Campus

Jose Chavarria: Gluten Free Pizza in the Caf
Gluten Free Pizza in the Caf

In recent years, the benefits of a gluten-free diet have become widely recognized, but undoubtedly thousands of people suffering from food intolerance have been diagnosed. Among the students at Spring Hill College, there is no exception. 

Gillian Nelson, a junior at Spring Hill College, explains her personal experience about her three years of living with a food sensitivity. “When I was diagnosed in 2016 at the age of 17 with food intolerance, I was told to adhere to a gluten-free diet,” said Nelson. Nelson mentioned how emotional and frustrating it was after she was diagnosed with a food sensitivity. For these people, food sensitivity can be a challenge, since in many cases their eating routine must be completely changed.

For Gillian Nelson, this has become a way of life. She mentioned that many times this can become frustrating because her friends must choose a place to eat that has gluten-free options as well. Nelson remarked that many times she prefers to keep quiet when arguing about where they will eat, as she does not want to cause disgust with her suggestions. Often times, she chooses salad.

“Being a commuter student, this presents a problem for me, since, in the school cafeteria, they don’t always offer a “gluten-free” menu,” said Nelson. Nelson lives two miles away from campus, but she spends most of the day on campus, so she usually brings her lunch and snacks from home. 

The new general manager in the cafeteria, Alex Tholl, emphasized how important it is to offer a personalized menu for people who cannot eat gluten or people who have any other food allergy. Tholl said, “Students who suffer from food intolerance have the option of sending us an email or a text message so that we can make the best meal plan that suits each of the students who have this problem.” This is one of the new proposals that Campus Dining wants to improve

One of Campus Dining’s main goals is to offer a meal plan for all students, and they are working on it every day. Dealing with food sensitivity is a process that requires time and perseverance, but over time, it becomes a way of life. Through its food programs, Spring Hill College works every day to maintain the welfare of its students.

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