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Upper Room A Capella Kicks Off Spring Concert

: Photo courtesy of Upper Room A Capella
Photo courtesy of Upper Room A Capella


SHC’S Upper Room A Capella held their third live spring show on Wednesday, April 3, and Friday, April 5 at the Arlene Mitchell Theater. 

Throughout the late night practices and warm ups, advisor of the group, Theresa Bertini had been closely following the group and observing energy levels. The group gave a preview of the show to a select few students to practice with an audience and gain feedback. Group advisor and alum, Bertini said, “Just having an audience for our group to work with--- it was unbelievable the changes: their confidence levels were through the roof.” 

As playbills were passed out, Spring Hill College students, faculty, staff and Mobile community members gathered in line around 6:30 p.m. to see the young group take on the show. The performance took off with an energetic solo of “Valerie” performed by Lauren Byrd. 

Sophomore Alan Phillips explained that the setlist of songs was decided upon the collection of voices from the group. The show included a great amount of enthusiasm and interaction from the audience along with the surprise of Bertini singing in place of sick member, Curt Lilley. The performance varied from singing songs like Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody,” a guitar solo of “Issues,” to a closing mashup from “The Greatest Showman.” 

In celebration of all arts, freshman member and graphic design student, Caroline Moran, drew a spontaneous portrait of student, Caroline Grindinger, in the same amount of the time as the group’s single, “FOOLS” was playing.

New member of Upper Room A Capella and sophomore, Tara Summers explained her first impression of the fresh group. When asked about her favorite part of joining the group, Summers said, “We are all such unique individuals that are brought together by music. The passion that we sing with is phenomenal.”

You can find their recorded single, “FOOLS,” on Spotify or iTunes. For more information or inquiring about joining Upper Room A Cappella, visit @upperroomacappella on Instagram or email Clips of the concert can be found on the Spring Hill College Student Media page.

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