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Featured Faculty: Asia Hudson

Alexandria Rayford: Asia Hudson in her office.
Asia Hudson in her office.

Asia Hudson, Spring Hill’s coordinator of the Center of Student involvement, is passionate about helping people grow and watching them “live in their greatness.”

When Hudson graduated from Spring Hill in 2016, she felt that she still had something to give to the college. And now she is making an impact on campus through her work as the Coordinator of Campus Student Involvement. Her main tasks are organizing clubs and organizations, Greek life and traditional events such as ‘100 days ‘til graduation’ and family weekend.

As an undergrad student, Hudson says that this position had been her dream job. Shortly after earning her master’s in leadership and ethics in 2018, things fell in to place and Hudson has been working in CSI since July. Hudson is also the advisor for Campus Programming Board and Sisters in Service. Hudson was a member of CPB all four years she attended Spring Hill and SIS is a new organization that was created after some brainstorming with one of her work studies and a staff member.

“Ultimately representation matters” according to Hudson. She says it’s important that minority students see a face like hers in the position that she is in so that they feel more comfortable to branch out on campus. Already she notices more minority students coming to CSI and wanting to join different organizations rather than keeping to themselves. Students are primarily what keeps Hudson motivated about her job, particularly when it comes to inspiring them. “At the end of the day when students come into my office and they break down and they leave feeling renewed and refreshed, it feels like I’m making an impact” says Hudson. Whether that impact is big or small, Hudson is more than happy to help.

“Asia is the go-to person when you’re going through something and you need somebody to lean on” says junior Mikayla Rodrigue. Rodrigue, Vice President of SIS, works closely with Hudson and sees her compassion for others firsthand. She says that the encouragement Hudson has continuously given her has inspired her to be a leader and to go above and beyond. Rodrigue also says that Hudson’s ability to get people to come out of their shell and express themselves makes her great for Spring Hill. “I hope that she understands how much SIS and so many people around campus, different organizations and clubs, we really do appreciate her and her work” says Rodrigue.

In the long run, Hudson hopes to make an impact on campus and improve it each year. She also wants to expand her skillset and move on to being director of student involvement. And of course, she wants to continue to be there for the students in order to help them grow and be the best they can be. “I think it takes one person believing in someone to push them to realize their greatness” says Hudson.

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