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SHC Business Club Holds Second Annual Spring Fling

: Emma Carroll, Chris Miramontes, John Pizzollo and Katie Hendler attend Spring Fling
Emma Carroll, Chris Miramontes, John Pizzollo and Katie Hendler attend Spring Fling

The business club held its second annual spring fling on Rydex commons on Thursday, March 28.

The business club began hosting this campus-wide event last year. The 2018 spring fling was a success and the club brought back the event again this year for a second time.

Around 200 Spring Hill students stopped by throughout the afternoon to enjoy the music and food provided by the business club. Students set up Enos, blankets, and chairs across rydex commons and relaxed in the bright sun. Members of the business club cooked over 200 hot dogs and served them along with chips and ice cream to those who stopped by.

The club’s president Nora Brooks states that the purpose of the spring fling is to create a sense of community on campus as the event was open to all students not just those majoring in business. She notes that there are not many events on campus that are free, open to everyone and hosted purely for the sake of fellowship. For this reason, the business club hosts the spring fling every year to promote camaraderie on campus. “We wanted to put something together that represents the tight-knit community that we have at Spring Hill,” Brooks said.

Brooks has been a member of the business since it was formed her freshman year and is now the club’s president. She said, “The business club works to provide opportunities for all students, but we specifically focus on business students to help them prepare for the world after college.” The club hosts various networking events and professional talks and panels on campus throughout the school year for students majoring in business.

The business club raised money for the spring fling through different fundraisers. Last semester, the club hosted a percentage night at O’Daly’s Hole in Wall, and this semester members sold Chick-fil-A to students in the back of the cafeteria. The club raised enough money to provide free food for all students who attended.

Students should be on the lookout for future fundraisers hosted by the business club in preparation for next year’s spring fling.

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