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Men of Color Council Conducts a Capture the Flag Game

: Makis Harris, MOCC President
Makis Harris, MOCC President

The Spring Hill College Men of Color Council hosted its first capture-the-flag game on March. 29, giving students a chance to unleash their competitive side.

Attendees were given vibrant glow sticks, split into two teams and began at a secret location to find the hidden flag. Prior to students arriving, a member of the MOCC who was not playing the game hid the flag in a central location between Saint Joseph’s chapel and Yenni hall.

As the night approached and the anticipation for the game increased, students were given glow sticks based on what team they were on. One of the teams went to the gym and the other team went to Byrne Hall. When the referees gave a signal, both teams began to scavenge for the flag; however, the goal was to not simply to find the flag and take it back to your base.

According to philanthropy chair Levi Sanchez, “if a student was hunting for the flag and got tagged by an opposite team member, they were thrown in jail.” Although they were not thrown behind bars and given a sentencing, they were required to sit in the field facing the cafeteria and had wait patiently for one of their team members to tag them out of jail. Luckily, they were given a bottle of water. Consequently, all of their members had to be on base with the flag in order to win.

About 20 minutes into the first game, one of the teams won; however, because they were having such a magnificent time, they decided to stay and play another round. According to senior Kameron Powell, “The most exciting part about capture the flag was the competitiveness and fun that everyone was having during the event. People were running hard and having fun. It was great to see.”

If a student missed the capture-the-flag game, they should not worry because there are more exciting events coming to SHC on behalf of the MOCC. President of the MOCC, Makis Harris said, “be on the look-out for upcoming events such as the carwash and the three-point-shoot-out.”

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