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Students React to Tha Carter V


After a much-anticipated album release, Lil Wayne dropped his fifth album, “Tha Carter V”, Sept. 28, 2018, the day after his birthday. In the weeks since, “Tha Carter V” has topped the Billboard 200 chart, while 19 of the 23 songs on the album have taken over the Billboard Streaming Songs top-50 chart.

Over the past few years, fans and supporters have eagerly awaited the release of this album. Since it has been years since his most recent album release, fans have expressed curiosity and also excitement for what was to come from the Young Money rapper. SHC Junior, Cade Dernlan, described the anticipation: “Although it does mimic the sound of his old albums, and is both classically punny and predictably braggadocious, its lyrics have taken more of a reflective approach. Though I’m sure it won’t be his final album, it seemed to have more the sense of a bow at the end of a long-winded performance than his previous albums… I thought it actually lived up to the hype and did well to show that Lil Wayne is still very much so in touch with the current trends in rap/music.”

While the future of Lil Wayne’s career in music is still unknown, this album showcased a new and vulnerable side of him. In a sincere video posted by Lil Wayne clarifying “Tha Carter V” release date, he also gives a message to his supporters: “With this album, I always give y’all all of me, but with this album, I am giving you more than me.” Not only does this album feature exciting artists including Kendrick Lamar and the late XXXTentacion, to name a few, he also opens up emotionally to his audience. Beginning with a heartfelt message from his mom, Jacida Carter, to thoughts on life struggles, the New Orleans native opens up through his thoughtful lyrics. SHC Senior, Thomas Gamble, described the intensity of the album: “I mean the first song in the album is a really emotional message from his mom. Then it goes straight to the song “Don't Cry” that he made with another rapper that was murdered recently… The history behind the album is what also made it more emotional too in that Lil Wayne wanted to release it so badly back in 2013.” Although he initially wanted to release the album in 2013, these years that the album remained in limbo allowed the rapper to create a unique album for his fans.

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