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Spring Into New Fashion Trends

Breanne Bizette:  SHC sophomore Landy Thomas models a gingham two-piece set from Blue Spero.
SHC sophomore Landy Thomas models a gingham two-piece set from Blue Spero.

As spring rushes in, new fashion trends come in as well.

Spring 2018 is new, bold, daring and adventurous when it comes to the fashion world. The newest trends are drawing glances and giving women more options to wear.

Jumpsuits, rompers and two-piece ensembles are new pieces for special events and provide comfort and style. A jumpsuit can easily be worn for a nice dinner or a formal event. Several Spring Hill College students have even been spotted wearing jumpsuits to spring formals and simply dressing them up with jewelry and shoes. 

Rompers can be styled down or up as well. They are perfect for hot days since certain materials can give a flowy feel, making the outfit feel effortless. Two-piece ensembles are the perfect outfits for a night out on the town. The top can reach the midriff or not, and the best part about the outfit is that the patterns create a unique illusion. 

Color is a big essential for any season. Spring is known for light pastels; however, that is not the case anymore. Bold colors are the new thing, giving women more of a statement. These bold colors include fiery red, canary yellow, vibrant pinks, deep purples and aquamarines mixed with shamrocks. They’re completely new and unexpected for the season, but it encapsulates a more daring feel that can easily carry over into summer.

Unusual patterns are big this season, and they’re sure to make outfits pop. A very popular pattern, gingham, consists of a checkered pattern that’s meant to give off a vintage feel. Another popular pattern is spots/polka dots. It has been seen on runways, making heads turn. Spots/polka dots create character for simple clothing items.

Florals are in, too. However, the pattern has gotten a new name, “dark florals,” which is meant to compliment spring’s new color scheme. In Vogue’s newest issue, actress Mia Goth can be seen wearing dark floral outfits, which radiates a sense of romance and mystery. Whatever the mood of the day may be, style it up with one of these patterns to make the outfit feel extra special. 

Another interesting way to make outfits pop is through shoes. If one is wearing a bland outfit, shoes are an easy way to include some color. Today, some of the most popular shoes are mule shoes, platform shoes and midi boots. A mule shoe consists of a block heel to give one more support. Platforms work, too, because they feel like sneakers, but give some height. Even midi boots can be worn in the spring. It’s not a fashion crime, and they go well with classic pieces.

According to InStyle magazine, several designers are pairing boots with skirts and trench coats. One of the greatest trends seen in the fashion world are stylish, yet comfortable, shoes.

Whatever the event, this spring is all about aiming for comfort, style and confidence.

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