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The Secret Study Spots of SHC

Breanne Bizette : Studying at the baseball field offers entertainment and fresh air.
Studying at the baseball field offers entertainment and fresh air.


It’s that time of the year again. Finals are quickly approaching, and students will start studying in every possible space on campus. However, there are a couple of unknown places that are the perfect spots to study. 

Finals will officially begin on April 27th, and this means the campus will be flooded with students cramming over their course materials trying to get that final “A”. However, it is sometimes extremely difficult to find a great place to study when every location is occupied. Fortunately, there are a couple of hidden spots on campus to help any student stay focused.

The library is a popular place, but finding that particularly perfect area is always challenging. Most of the tables will be filled with groups of friends, and study rooms will be booked. Yet, there is a secret study room that many are unaware of. On the first floor, behind the secondary computer lab, there is a small study room. This study room is identical to the ones on the second floor, accept it is kind of hidden in the back. Plus, it is right next to the bathrooms! Another forgotten spot are the cubicles on the second floor meant for students who wish to isolate themselves to fully focus on their work. Freshman Izzy Kotval says that another great idea is to locate a window that way you won’t feel so enclosed while sitting there for several hours. 

Classrooms are another hot commodity for big group study sessions. There is one unusual classroom that is excellent if a student is looking for solitude. The first floor of LAC, near Gautrelet, there is a staircase leading to the basement. One may think all the rooms are  storage units, but there is one classroom, Room 017. It consists of tables, rolling chairs, a white board and there is a bathroom and water fountain nearby. Another awesome classroom location is the math building. When classes are finished, it is a great place to spread out one’s materials, and get to work. It is ideal for study groups to go here and not worry about being disruptive towards others. 

For students who love to study outdoors, there are a couple unexplored areas. The normal outside study area is Rydex where students can hang their enos, and curl up with a book. However, there are not always enough trees for everyone, and it is populous. Another great eno spot is located by the theater. There are several trees willing to give a student shade, and a calm place to study. Right across from this area is the back of LAC, there are a few picnic tables located in the grassy field that is perfect for a desk. A student can study here for hours while enjoying the beautiful weather. If a student is looking for a little more action, then the baseball field might just be the spot. One can study on the dugout, and maybe even get the chance to watch the baseball players practice. It is the perfect place to get in a much-needed study break. 

Another peculiar place is the Jesuit cemetery. This may sound strange, but not many people are found here. If a student needs to finish reading a book, then sitting at one of the benches under the oak trees is a peaceful place to get it done. If a student is looking for a more secluded or quiet space, then the sodality chapel is a wholesome idea. According to senior Patty Mgbodile, it is a great place because no one is in there, it is peaceful, and you can always pray. 

The final day of exams is May 3rd, so, use these obscure sites to have a useful study sessions. It may be fun to do a different one every day to get a new perspective. Remember to keep calm, and study on.

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