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Upper Room A Cappella to Release First Single

Carlos Salmoan:

Spring Hill’s Upper Room A Cappella is set to release its first single, “FOOLS,” before the beginning of April. The single will feature the voices of the entire group. After working hard since the fall of 2015, raising funds for three months, the group is excited to share its new sound.

After returning from a trip to SoJam XV in North Carolina, the group received an email from the Vocal Company requesting a meeting, which opened a new window of opportunity. The company asked if the group would like to record a single, and the members could not say no. The next step was to raise money to fund the producer of the single. A Cappella president Jacob Morris explained, “Our fundraising came from our Kickstarter.  We offered a wide array of rewards for our donors and managed to meet our goal.” The producer, Alex, came in, and the group recorded the single in one weekend. Senior Theresa Bertini said, “Alex was professional but still fun. He taught the group how to properly sing and work together.” Next, the Vocal Company edited, mixed and mastered the track.

The single, “FOOLS,” was originally produced by Troye Sivan, but the group’s a cappella arrangements are outsourced. A large amount of work went into creating the single. “Making music with just your voice is such a powerful and challenging experience,” Morris said. Creating the single involved several rehearsals and fine-tuning, as every voice must be lined up perfectly to ensure that the sound is just right. Bertini added “Recording the single was such a surreal experience because never would I have expected this type of experience at Spring Hill.” The group plans on having the single finalized for release prior to its second annual Spring Concert Series, April 4th to the 7th.

In addition to the release of a first single, Upper Room A Cappella has had a successful school year. The organization’s new members have shown dedication to bringing the group to the next level. Group leaders have also made a large impact in encouraging community outreach and more performances. Morris said, “Our donors, supporters, and fans have been so encouraging. Our audiences are the reason we do what we do, and we can’t be more thankful.” Following the release of the first single, the group hopes to record more songs in the future in order to develop its brand and expand its audience.

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