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Mayor Stimpson Visits SHC and Talks With Students

Rachel Benoit: Mayor Stimpson with SHC Students.
Mayor Stimpson with SHC Students.


Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson came and met with a group of Spring Hill College students on campus last Thursday, March 1.

During the roundtable discussion, students were invited to ask the mayor questions. Topics included the mayor’s One Mobile campaign, bringing large international companies to Mobile, how students can get involved with the city and what it takes to be a leader. Stimpson explained to the SHC students his plans for Mobile, and how they fit into those plans.

Further, he called them to be leaders for both the school and Mobile: “Just because you are an elected official or hold a position of authority does not mean you are a leader.” Instead, the mayor emphasized that character determines if one is a leader or not. He said that trustworthiness and groundedness are some of the most important qualities a person, especially a leader, could have.

In addition to giving them this advice, Stimpson assured that as long as he was Mobile’s mayor, he would be invested in students: “The most valuable export of Mobile is our young people,” Stimpson said. The mayor desires to keep recent graduates in Mobile by bringing in more international companies like Airbus, and showing them that this city is not just a place to study and leave, but a good spot to grow. He keeps to this promise by employing a number of interns and graduates from numerous colleges around Mobile. SHC junior Katy Rasp, a Mobile native, currently works for the mayor and said, “I am very thankful I was given the opportunity to be an intern for the city of Mobile. Being from Mobile, this gives me the unique experience of continuing to learn more about the city I am from, while at the same time being able to share my talents, as well as expand my knowledge in the communications field.”

After meeting with the mayor, SHC junior Emilee Adams explained that she is hopeful for what is to come for Mobile: “I felt that the mayor was very genuine in his love for Mobile, and his enthusiasm of the future made me excited for future opportunities that will be made available in the city.”

Overall, Stimpson urged students and the SHC community to get involved in the city’s efforts to make Mobile one of the safest, most family-friendly cities in America: “All of us together can do a whole lot more than I can by myself.”

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