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Spring Calendar Looks Very Different

Conner Moore: Spring semester 2021 academic calendar
Spring semester 2021 academic calendar

As the fall semester is approaching its end, students now have their eyes set on the new spring semester calendar and what it entails. 

On Oct. 21,  the spring semester calendar was updated and sent out to students and faculty so that they can view what will be going on next semester. The calendar is very similar to the fall semester and doesn’t hold many changes in regards to breaks given. On the other hand many students raised concern about the spring semester calendar in regards to decisions made. 

Provosts, Dr. Hager and Dr. Almquist sent out the calendar and explained that, “we have postponed the start of the semester till Jan. 19, and have eliminated breaks just like the fall semester, on the other hand there are rest days scattered throughout the semester for students and faculty.”

Spring Hill College is among many Jesuit institutions and they followed up their statement by saying, “This adjustment is similar to the changes made by many of our Jesuit higher education counterparts for next year.” Students weighed in their thoughts on the Spring calendar. 

Junior, Zach Stewart, explained his ideas and thoughts on the Spring Calendar saying, “The new calendar doesn’t really affect me personally, I have gotten used to fall semester with no breaks, but a lot of students like having those longer breaks to see family and that might be tough especially since we were supposed to have two major breaks.” He mentions the rest days by saying, “I don’t really like the idea of the rest days mainly because we are probably going to have work still due so it really didn’t make sense to me, but i will just go with the flow.” He ended things by saying he is excited about what the new semester will bring and hopes everything goes smooth. 

Freshman, Myles Cooks, expressed his ideas and thoughts as well on the new calendar by saying, “Overall I like the new calendar, I think that we could have at least had some sort of break in there instead of rest days because I feel the rest days are sort of pointless. I think we could have done increased testing after the breaks to insure safety.” He also mentioned that he looks forward to getting out of the fall semester and starting up his last semester as a freshman in hopes the spread dies down a little. 

The spring calendar holds some interesting questions, but all that will be answered once we start the new semester in Spring 2021. 

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