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Dating During COVID

: Students following social distancing guidelines while interacting.
Students following social distancing guidelines while interacting.


During quarantine, the television network known as Freeform launched a new show called “Love in the Time of Corona”, which explores the dating culture during a global pandemic. 

The question of dating during quarantine might have crossed the minds of many people when isolation becomes overwhelming. Spending almost five months at home with little to no human contact can cause a yearning for close interaction. 

The dating culture has changed tremendously worldwide from fear of meeting new people. That fear comes from possibly becoming sick or getting another person sick. With COVID-19 regulations continuing in many establishments as well as on-campus, one might ask what does the dating scene look like? 

Maddie Braham, a sophomore, says, “It is very odd like with all the regulations. You kind of have to be careful with what you can and cannot do.” Some of these regulations include maintaining a 6-foot distance, wearing masks in public, and no social gatherings. 

These regulations make it hard to become close with new people because there is never a guarantee that these new people have been following guidelines.

Smiliar to the new show, many students have been pursuing relationships with their close friends. Michael Woolverton, a student at Spring Hill College, says, “It is not an ideal situation but at the same time it's safe health-wise,” he said. Following his advice, he is now dating a close friend. Dating this way eliminates the risk of contamination among other groups. 

When asked about online dating, Woolverton says, “Personally, it is not something I would consider doing, because again there is a risk.” Although it is not Woolverton’s preferred form of dating, many took to apps like Tinder and Bumble for dating. 

Over the summer, Tinder even allowed users the ability to find people in different locations of the world. It was their way of helping people meet each other from the comfort of their own home. 

The article “How COVID-19 is changing apps and relationships” by PC Mag discusses the fact that these sites are designed to be a part of our real-world interactions. OkCupid, another dating app, saw a 20% increase in users. The article also discusses the increased use of apps like Tinder and Bumble.

While discussing safe date alternatives, Braham suggested going on a walk or a picnic. Woolverton suggests a Netflix party for two while on FaceTime. He also suggested ordering out and eating at home or in your dorm. 

The new dating scene and regulations raise the question of whether one would have to self-quarantine for two weeks after a date. To avoid such measures, it is important to ask the other person if they feel comfortable meeting face-to-face and to reschedule if they are not feeling well. 

Dating during COVID-19 can be difficult, but also a great way to not feel alone. Just remember to be careful and make sure to follow CDC guidelines. 

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