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Sacha Ducreux: Men’s Soccer Player Joao Amaral following the new mask guidelines during practice. Photo By: Sacha Ducreux

SHC Athletics Resume with Strict Guidelines

Spring Hill’s athletic teams are making strides toward resuming competition in January, said Athletic Director Joe Niland. Starting this week, student athletes are able to start practicing as a team- pending individual athlete’s Coronavirus test ...


Sports Begin with Individual Training

With sporting events being shut down until the spring, student-athletes on campus are encouraged to start individual training. Athletics on campus will not be the same for a while due to COVID-19, but that will not stop athletes from making sure ...


Badger Athletes Yearn for Return to 'Normal'

  Since returning to campus this fall, student athletes have been able to work out on their own, but without coach participation.  Athlete's have been allowed to have captain's practices without the presence of coaches. These practices...


COVID-19 Impacts Professional Sports

This year, the Covid-19 virus has impacted many industries and aspects of life, with sports being no exception. Nearly every major American sports season has been suspended including that of Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Ass...


SHC Athletes Affected by COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to make things confusing around the world, one thing it had an impact on were the student athletes who were currently in their spring season. A press release was put out by the NCAA which had quality information answering ma...