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COVID-19 Impacts Professional Sports

This year, the Covid-19 virus has impacted many industries and aspects of life, with sports being no exception. Nearly every major American sports season has been suspended including that of Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Ass...


SHC Athletes Affected by COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to make things confusing around the world, one thing it had an impact on were the student athletes who were currently in their spring season. A press release was put out by the NCAA which had quality information answering ma...


Renovations Begin at Stan Galle Field

A new brick wall started to be put in place this past Sunday at Stan Galle Field. The historic baseball field has been longing for fence renovation down the visitor side and this past Sunday started the process.   What is commonly believed to be...


Men's Tennis Team Preview

The Spring Hill Men’s Tennis team hit the midway point of their season and see themselves finding plenty of success with just a few setbacks. So far in the season, the badgers are 9-2 in the season with a perfect record of 5-0 in the SIAC confere...


Track and Field Intrasquad Meet Hosted At St. Pauls

This Saturday, February 15th will be the Spring Hill Track and Field intrasquad meet,hosted at 9 a.m. at the track of St. Paul’s high school.The Spring Hill College Track and Field team kick off their season by competing againstthemselves this upc...